Car Consultant Mechanic Advice Pre-purchase Car Inspections

Car Consulting & Mechanic Advice

Save time, money and heartache by approaching your next vehicle purchase with the confidence and buying power of an up-to-date professional by your side

From initial consult to final delivery our car experts and mechanics will walk you through each stage of purchase with none of the hard work or confusion

Car Consultant Mechanic Advice Pre-purchase Car Inspections

What does a Car Consult involve?

Initial consult:

  • Over the phone or in-person – we discuss needs, preferences, options for your new vehicle
  • R&D – we compile a hot list of available vehicles on the market for inspections
  • We then complete a thorough pre-purchase inspection of suitable vehicles and provide you with a written report and photos

Pre Purchase Car Inspection

We carry out a mechanical, interior and exterior inspection with a detailed report delivered to you (read more below).


  1. We can walk you through the purchasing process including registration logistics paperwork, or
  2. We can make the purchase on your behalf – vehicle arrives at your door (we complete this entire payment transaction and deliver the car to you)

Secure cash holding account

  • We offer a secure cash holding account for private remote purchases to take the risk out of private sales – transferring money into a secure holding (trust) account decreases the risks that private transactions can present.

Why consider using our knowledgeable Car Consultants to work on securing the best deal possible on your next car?

Not sure what type of vehicle suits your needs?

Not mechanically minded and want to avoid the industry tricks and lemons?

Or just don’t have time to do the research and travel involved in inspecting?

With over 20 years of industry experience in vehicle solutions our assisted purchasing with expert car consultants and mechanics ensure you save time and money, broaden your options and increase the value of your next car purchase.

Car Consultant Mechanic Advice Pre-purchase Car Inspections

Car Consultation Pre Purchase inspections completed by our Expert Mechanics

Our mechanical, interior and exterior inspections include the following:

  • Engine, steering and suspension, and electrical parts
  • Interior and exterior of the car, including the underbody
  • Tyres, brakes and wheels
  • Market value assessment
  • Upcoming maintenance recommendation
  • Comprehensive bumper to bumper inspection covering all vehicle systems
  • Body condition and collision assessment
  • Engine computer diagnostic scan (if required)
  • Log book report
  • Complete road test (hot/cold)

After you make an appointment with one of our Car Consultants they organise this complete process – making the inspection and delivering you a detailed report online or over the phone after our inspection process.

Our expert mechanic will explain each element of the report, answering any of your questions or concerns about the car issues, if any. Our staff talk with you in easy to understand language so you can understand everything about the car and buying process.

Car Issue & Roadside Assistance Services

Never be far from reliable help

We cover many car issues and can give you quality advice and help when you need it. We offer roadside car assistance and solutions for any car issues you may have – we are your experts to call with any car dramas:

  • Over the phone second opinions of:
    • Diagnostics (car issue identification)
    • Car repair quotes/pricing – get a 2nd opinion if you’re unsure of a car repair bill
  • Roadside callouts in the event of car breakdown or car issues including:
    • Flat batteries and tyres
    • Lost or locked-in keys
    • Emergency fuel
    • Car towing
  • Quick over the phone diagnostics of potential problem

Never be far from reliable help – be sure to save our number 0414 752 790 just in case you are ever in an unfortunate car situation!

Professional Mechanics. Quality Service. Reliable Advice.

We simplify the car buying process and help our clients find their dream car

Michelle ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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"Buying my car was stress-free knowing I could trust Dan with his extensive industry experience - his knowledge of all makes and models of cars is very in-depth. He made me a list of quality hatchbacks available and explained the pro’s and con’s of each. He knows engines extensively - even down to which engine is best by car year - I bought a 2011 Subaru Impreza knowing this is one of the best years to buy this car - his help & tips like this were priceless! I felt confident buying the car with such quality information, an in-depth car inspection & explanation of possible issues with the car. He even helped with the payment process, registration handover and insurance - I highly recommend for anyone buying their next car 🙌🏼"
B Evans ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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“I had a pre-purchase inspection and the company went over with a fine tooth comb. I would recommend 100% to anyone. They are a professional company and will not let you down.”
Ken ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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“Dan is a great guy! Bought my Mazda - from pre purchase inspection, to vehicle detailing & transport. He did it all with superb service. The car looks like brand new.”